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12 October 2012

The world in a small scale. Any given day at the SCC is a day impregnated by diversity. Our staff is as diverse as the disputes we administer.

East and West, the old and the new continent are represented in our staff and in our alumni network. People from Australia, Chile, China, Colombia, Finland, France, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and USA are some of the many people that have shared their culture and knowledge with the SCC Secretariat during past years. Today half of our permanent staff is international and we intend to keep this international footprint as part of our family.
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While working with us, our members develop many contacts and friendships from all over the world and of great value for their entire career. To keep in touch with this valuable people, the SCC Secretariat is creating an Alumni Network. The SCC Alumni Network will help everyone to stay connected with each other and will help us keep in touch with our former team members to include them in the different events we organize.

To join our Alumni Network, send an e-mail to indicating your name, phone number, address, the position you had at the SCC and the period of time you were with us. Welcome!

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