Ukrainian Arbitration Association
12 November 2012

On 14 November 2012 the Ukrainian Arbitration Association (UAA) will celebrate its establishment.

The UAA is a non-profit organization established with the mission of facilitating the interest in international arbitration, enhancing cooperation among practitioners in international arbitration and among arbitration institutions around the world, exchanging their experience in dispute resolution, as well as promoting Ukraine as platform for resolution of cross-border disputes.

Membership in the UAA is open to foreign and Ukrainian practitioners. Law students may also join the UAA as associate members.

The foundation of this initiative is made in the context of the Kiev Arbitration Days that will take place this week from 15-16 November 2012.
At this conference, SCC Legal Counsel Johan Lundstedt will talk about SCC:s most recent experience on Emergency Arbitrators.

For more information on the UAA visit the website: (currently available only in Ukrainian)

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