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How much is it?

The arbitration/mediation costs are fixed by the SCC in accordance with the schedule of costs attached to the SCC set of rules.

arrow_small  Arbitration Rules
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The costs consist of the fee to the arbitrators/mediator, the administrative fee of the SCC and any expenses incurred.

The SCC determines the costs based on the amount in dispute. The amount in dispute is the total value of all claims, counterclaims and set-offs. This means that the parties often can anticipate the arbitration costs. The calculator below enables the parties to estimate such costs.

When the amount in dispute exceeds EUR 100.000.000 the SCC Board determines the advance on costs based on a case by case analysis. As guidance, the below brief describes the criteria applied to determine the advance on costs in three investment disputes exceeding EUR 100.000.000.

arrow_small Read the brief on advance on costs when the amount in dispute exceeds EUR 100.000.000

Upon filing the request for arbitration/mediation the claimant shall pay a registration fee.

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1. Choose rules:

2. Amount in dispute in euro.  Use only whole numbers!

Please note that costs in cases with disputed amounts above 100 000 000 euro are decided by the Board on a case by case basis.

Visit the following link if you need help to convert the amount to euro

3. Number of arbitrators*  one  three 

* Number of arbitrators is only an option if you have chosen the Arbitration Rules of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

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