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medling The SCC Mediation Rules offer a speedy and cost-effective dispute resolution method for parties wishing to avoid litigation and arbitral proceedings.

Parties often continue to co-operate after the closure of a successful SCC mediation procedure. This illustrates the great advantage of mediation as compared with arbitration and litigation.

A condition for mediation is that the parties are in agreement to use a mediator. Such agreement may be included in a business contract as a mediation clause.

SCC Mediation advantages

Fast – The mediator shall complete his or her task within two months.

Cost-efficient – By a speedy resolution the parties can focus on profitable business activities rather than spending time and money on dispute resolution.

Win-win situation – The outcome of mediation proceedings is an agreement between the parties.

Enforceable – The settlement agreement can be confirmed in an arbitral award.

Confidential – Any persons participating shall respect the confidentiality of the mediation.

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