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A strong year

2013 was a strong year for the SCC. With 203 cases registered, this was a considerable increase from the previous years and illustrates that the SCC continues to be a preferred forum for dispute resolution. Of these 203 cases, 58% (117 cases) involved Swedish parties only and 42% (86) were international disputes, that is, disputes in which at least one of the parties is non-Swedish.

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Of these 203 cases, 54% (110 cases) were administered under the SCC Rules and 37% of the cases (76) were conducted under the Rules for Expedited arbitrations. Parties also commenced mediation proceedings (7) and one emergency arbitrator proceeding under the SCC Rules (for a full report on SCC emergency arbitrator proceedings, click here). Parties also requested SCC administrative services as appointing authority (8) in ad-hoc arbitrations and one under the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules.

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Parties from 36 different countries brought their disputes to the SCC. Swedish parties continue to dominate, followed by parties from Russia, Germany, Norway, Finland and Switzerland.

Nationality parties 2013
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The types of disputes administered by the SCC are diverse. Disputes based on service agreements, representing 24% of the cases, and supply agreements, representing 18% of the cases, were the disputes that parties most frequently brought to the SCC. Disputes arising out of agreements for business acquisitions (16%) and joint ventures (13%) are also common at the SCC. Parties also commenced arbitration concerning issues of investment treaty protection, intellectual property, real estate, partnership agreements, employment contracts, license agreements, and credit agreements among others.

Subject Matter of Disputes 2013
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